About WSA

Since 1976, West Suburban Alano Society, Inc. (WSA) has been serving Minnetonka & surrounding areas. Here, we provide a comfortable and supportive environment for meetings with people who understand the process of recovery.


Our History

In March 1975, our founders became members of the Glen Lake Alcoholics Anonymous group at the old Glen Lake School. The enlarging AA group had grown from 30 members to 100 members, and the school wasn't enough to accommodate the group members anymore.

Location Approval

In August 1976, 7 members of the Glen Lake AA Group and one guest from the Twin Lake Alano discussed the formation of the Society. The group served the State of Minnesota, Hennepin County, and the City of Minnetonka to lease the former Administrator's Home at the Glen Lake Sanitarium. Ultimately, we received approval for the location of our Society.

Organized Corporation

On 1st October 1976, West Suburban Alano Society, Inc. was officially announced as a legally organized corporation following the provisions of,

  • Minnesota Non-Profit Corporation Act
  • Minnesota Statutes, chapter 317

The Society started planning the activities, and the first meetings of AA and Alanon took place.

Second Location

In 1992, Hennepin County and the City of Minnetonka informed that the land occupied by the Society would be used for a golf course and terminated the lease. The West Suburban Alano Society, Inc. purchased a property at 14407 Excelsior Boulevard. The members and volunteers devoted their time and money to upgrade the building with extensive remodeling services.

Redevelopment of the Glen Lake Area

In 2006, the Alano Society was notified that an eminent domain would acquire and sell the property to a private developer to redevelop the Glen Lake area. We were able to work with the City of Minnetonka to secure a new location.

In November 2007, we moved to the new West Suburban Alano Society building at 5235 Woodhill Road in Minnetonka. The Alano results from many long hours and generous contributions from local businesses, the community, the Alano Board, members, and friends.

Features & Amenities

The new Alano building comes with 4,500 square feet, all on one level. Including a large restroom, the entire building is handicap accessible. Before the meeting, the members mingle, enjoy coffee, and participate in meaningful conversation at the open foyer with a 14 ft. handcrafted solid ironwood table. However, people can also choose to get some fresh air on the patio.

Meeting Rooms & Library

The Alano has one large general meeting room and five separate meeting rooms for small groups. There is also a library and a quiet place to read books and literature for the members.


A Healthy Atmosphere

The Alano offers a comfortable space to accommodate many people with lots of windows and an open, airy feel. The in-floor radiant heat and energy-efficient air conditioning keep the rooms comfortable year-round. The adjacent parking lot offers ample area and handicap parking right at the front door.

Self-Sustaining Facility

At West Suburban Alano, we aim to provide a financially self-sustaining facility that promotes personal and social growth. The members of Alano prefer this building as their second home where the coffee is always hot.